[Telepathy] telepathy-ring & gitorious shutdown

Jonny Lamb jonny.lamb at collabora.co.uk
Thu Mar 12 01:02:50 PDT 2015

Il 08/03/2015 04:49, Paul Wise ha scritto:
> The only available non-empty repository for telepathy-ring (GSM support
> for Telepathy via oFono) is on the meego-cellular Gitorious group but
> Gitorious is being shut down at the end of May. I would like to suggest
> suggest moving it to the telepathy section of the freedesktop.org git
> hosting so that the code does not get lost. Right now the telepathy-ring
> repository on the freedesktop.org git hosting is empty.

I've done this.

I've not really looked at the nemomobile ring repository but I've no 
problems with it becoming upstream instead. Let's see if anyone else has 
an opinion on the matter.

Jonny Lamb

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