[Telepathy] upstream development location for telepathy-ring?

Paul Wise pabs3 at bonedaddy.net
Fri Mar 13 20:44:40 PDT 2015

So, the three of you need to decide where the upstream development
location for telepathy-ring should be and what should get pushed.

I'm just an observer but personally I would suggest:

Hosting the repository and tarballs on freedesktop.org as it is a
community-run service built using Free Software and will last longer.
There will of course be other factors in making this decision.


Pushing the nemomobile version to freedesktop.org, since it is a newer
version of the code, and developing it there. The GitHub repo could be
removed or become an automatic mirror of the freedesktop.org one.

Xavier to publish his rework branch into the freedesktop.org repo and
him and others work on polishing and merging it into master.


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