[Telepathy] connecting with Empathy

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Mon Apr 4 13:40:14 UTC 2016

On 04/04/16 15:09, Mateus Bellomo wrote:
> I sent a 'kill -9' to the process but it started again. Then I ran
> telepathy-resiprocate and got same warning.

If you run

   ps ax | grep telepathy-resiprocate

do you see more than one process?

What happens when you try to add an account?   You should be able to do
the following

a) select "Accounts" from the menu

b) the "Messaging and VoIP Accounts" window appears

c) in the bottom left corner, click the "+" symbol

d) now the "Add new account" window appears

e) where it says "What kind of chat account do you have?", you should
have the option "SIP", does it appear in that pull down menu?

Did you use the deploy-properties script or manually run the commands in
the script?


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