[Telepathy] future of Telepathy?

Dominik George nik at naturalnet.de
Mon Apr 25 13:41:20 UTC 2016


> With my GNOME hat on, we are not spending much effort on our instant
> messaging features. For a free software desktop, XMPP was by far the
> most useful and mature part of Telepathy. Google, Facebook and
> Microsoft has either moved away from XMPP or deprecated it, while
> Telegram and Whatsapp use something different.

WhatsApp uses XMPP. It is slightly modified to force people to use the 
official client, but it is XMPP.

> None of the XMPP-based free VoIP options ever worked reliably. They
> were spotty at best.

That was years ago. Look at Jitsi, the Jitsi video bridge and Jitsi Meet.

The main issue with XMPP-based VoIP is client implementations. XMPP-VoIP never 
worked reliably in Telepathy because Telepathy's implementation of XMPP-VoIP 
is horrible.

I don't mean to be rude, and I think the Telepathy developers sure do a good 
job, but please do not blame it on XMPP itself.

> Given how hard it is to support any of the popular instant messaging
> networks, a free software IM stack looks increasingly pointless. Maybe
> someone will come up with a mature Telegram implementation ...

Given the above, please all stop whining and start get Telepathy back on 
track, thus bringing XMPP forward by providing another well-working client, 
instead of bringing support for proprietary protocols forward!


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