[Uim] uim 0.4.4 released

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Sun Oct 10 11:04:42 EEST 2004

uim-0.4.4 is now available for download at:

  sha1sum:0017497b60876b9c8e13145329b5a0d9bf3b22c2  uim-0.4.4.tar.gz

If there's no critical bug report until 10/15, this release will be marked
as stable.

**Notes for big change about the way to set the default input method**

Now new uim's gtk immodule 'uim' is added. And all other gtk immodule
will be deleted at uim 0.4.5. Because 0.4.4 is in transitional period,
you still can use old setting style. But 0.4.5 will not support old
setting style.

- before 0.4.4
  GTK_IM_MODULE=uim-xxxx; export GTK_IM_MODULE
  XMODIFIERS=@im=uim-xxxx; export XMODIFIERS

- after 0.4.4

Write down the following line on your ~/.uim

(define default-im-name 'anthy)
; if you want to use anthy as default input method.

A list of available input methods list can be seen by uim-im-switcher.

Overview of Changes in uim 0.4.4

* uim-im-switcher (new!)
 - Dynamic input method switcher.

* uim-input-pad-ja (new!)
 - Accessory for japanese input.

* uim-xim
 - Corresponted to multiple locales. If you use with UTF-8 locale, you
   can input many languages at the same time.

* sumika (new!)

Sumika was external project which intended to implement some
input method related things (japanese input method dictionary utility,
GUI setting tool, and so on.) Now sumika is merged into uim.

In default, sumika is not installed on your system yet. If you are
interested in sumika, see sumika/gtk2/sumika.

And many many many many many many bug fixes, improvements.

Thanks to
Seiichi SATO
Jun Inoue
Kouhei Sutou

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