[Uim] Replacing property handling codes with property.scm

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Wed Oct 20 01:20:11 EEST 2004

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 18:37:56 +0900
YamaKen <yamaken at bp.iij4u.or.jp> wrote:

> > 1. Icon support
> > 
> > Property aims to provide some infomation which are shown by toolbar,
> > but property lacks icon supports. It's a chance to add an icon
> > support to uim.
> The feature is already intended. Suppose retrieving an icon for
> the prop-state prop_anthy_hiragana.
> We can construct the corresponding icon file name from a icon
> search path and prop-state-id.

This approach seems reasonable for me too.

> > 2. Property isn't always used to indicate state.
> > 
> I think that we should simply replace the property handlings
> with current property.scm, for now.

Sorry, that's confusing. I wrote previous mail without elaboration
(because I hurried). Please forget content of previous mail.

What I want to say was, there's something which is property but not
state. Here I mean property as 'an attribute, quality, or
characteristic'. Current property.scm assumes existence of default value
for each property. This means property.scm assumes also each property
will take a value defined by state definitions. But there is a case
which is not applicable.

For example, uim-anthy will have a dicitionary manager, it can be deemed
as property, but it's not state of uim-anthy. State such as input mode
will transit, but the infomation 'uim-anthy have a dicitionary manager'
will never transit.

In old implementation, label and lists are distincted. So we could add
dictionary manager in this way.

branch dictionary
   leaf  add a word to dictionary
   leaf  edit user dictionary

But property.scm assumes that branch value is some one of leaf value.

I cannot describe well... Could you understand this writing? If not,
I'll write another example.

> > 3. System tray seems to intend to indicate one icon
> > 
> > This will need some explanation. 
> > 
> > Currently, uim-toolbar-gtk-systray show same widget as
> > uim-toolbar-gtk. But from the System tray protocol specification, "
> > From a UI standpoint, the system tray is normally used for transient
> > icons that indicate some special state". 
> > 
> > We should not show all infomation by uim-toolbar-gtk-systray, so we
> > need a way to know what is important and what is not so.
> > 
> > I don't have good idea about this, only wrinting the problem...
> Can a systray hold plural uim-toolbar-gtk-systray
> simultaneously? If it is possible, we can display one branch per
> uim-toolbar-gtk-systray and resolve the problem, as temporary
> solution.

Though I don't tested yet, it would be able to hold plural
uim-toolbar-gtk-systray simultaneously. But, as you said, it's temporary
solution because users won't want to show so many icons in system tray.


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