1.0 branch (Re: [Uim] Short-term roadmap to uim 1.1.0)

YamaKen yamaken at bp.iij4u.or.jp
Wed Dec 7 15:56:29 EET 2005

Hi Etsushi,

At Wed, 7 Dec 2005 18:46:05 +0900,
ekato at ees.hokudai.ac.jp wrote:
> Since there is no request for optional items, now I'm creating
> 1.0 branch.
> Committers, please make sure to commit bug fixes on both trunk and
> 1.0 branch.  And don't commit experimental work on 1.0 branch.

r2410 and r2411 are only committed to 1.0 branch. Do you
preparing some sequencial work? I'll commit some changes as you
wrote once the branching has been end and ready to commit.

YamaKen  yamaken at bp.iij4u.or.jp

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