[Uim] uim-1.0.0-alpha release

Etsushi Kato ek.kato at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 16:34:17 EET 2005


uim-1.0.0-alpha is now available from download at:


uim-1.0.0-alpha.tar.gz	md5sum: 9c277a46e16a0bf90d72aabbf8094cfc

Overview of changes from to 1.0.0-alpha
* New features
  o Main features
    - uim.el (bridge for Emacs) (Konosuke)
    - byeoru Hangul input suite (Jae-hyeon)
    - mana Japanese input (Masanari)

  o IM related
    - toggle-im facility (Etsushi, YamaKen)
    - SKK (Etsushi)
      - dynamic completion
      - ddskk compatible behavior with mistypes while starting
	kanji-mode, e.g. "kAnnji" for "Kannji"
      - improved numeric conversion
      - support commit with opposite case in latin-conversion
      - support completion with conversion and/or commit at once

* Fixes
  o Critical
    - fix segmentation fault if uim is compiled with '--enabled-debug'
      (Etsushi, dai <d+r AT vdr.jp>)
    - fix ipc (prime connection) in some rare cases (Masanari)
    - fix possible GC crash with anti-stack smashing compilers such as
      GCC4 (Jun, YamaKen)

  o Minor
    - preedit reset with IM switch (Masanari)
    - some build fixes (Masanari)

    - gtk+ immodule
      - disable warnings (Etsushi)
    - uim-xim
      - support changes in X modifier keys on-the-fly (Etsushi)

    - Anthy
      - improve kana-input mode (Masanari)
    - SKK
      - improve completion behavior (Etsushi)
      - improve skkserv connection (Masahito, Etsushi)
    - PRIME
      - proper custom setting (YamaKen)

    - uim-im-switcher-qt
      - show list of IM properly (Etsushi)

* Others
  o obsolete table API
  o translations
    - add ko (Jae-hyeon)
    - update ja (Daichi Kawahata, YamaKen)

Information about uim can be found at:
Kazuki and Jun recently have updated official user document.

This is the first alpha release of uim based on new project management
by YamaKen and me.  Thanks to contributors and also big thanks to
Tokunaga-san's effort until now.  Please give it some testing and file
a bug report at bugs.freedesktop.org or this mailing list.

Etsushi Kato
ek.kato at gmail.com

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