[Uim] UIM bug that makes scim-setup segfault with scim-uim installed?

Ming Hua minghua-list at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 19 19:44:41 EET 2005

Hello UIM developers,

I'm recently pinned down a scim-setup segfault problem caused by
scim-uim.  A bug currently in Debian/Ubuntu is that scim-setup
will start fine until scim-uim is installed, then it will segfault at
startup.  I have a GDB backtrace in
produced with scim 1.4.2, scim-uim 0.1.4 and uim in Ubuntu
dapper.  I can also reproduce the segfault with scim 1.4.2, scim-uim
0.1.3 and uim in Debian sid.

The scim-uim developer suggests it's a bug in uim.  Would you please
have a look at this issue?  If it's confirmed, I'll file a bug in
bugzilla (if such requests should go directly to bugzilla instead of the
list, I apologize and will use bugzilla in the future).

Thanks in advance,

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