[Uim] uim 1.0.0 released

Etsushi Kato ek.kato at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 07:43:01 EET 2005

I've rolled up uim-1.0.0.tar.gz a short while ago.
This release is a summarization of traditional uim architecture.

Download is now available from:


uim-1.0.0.tar.gz   md5sum: 63f5401466d8ec0a9c74abad691fc3d8

Overview of changes from 1.0.0-beta to 1.0.0-final
* Fixes
  o Minor
    - uim.el
      - Sync with uim-el 0.0.6-beta4
    - gtk+ immodule
      - fix SEGV with gvim when the caret state indicator is enabled
	with a timeout value (Etsushi)
      - workaround fix for preedit handling on gvim when use-with-vi?
	is enabled with anthy and mana (Masanari, YamaKen, Etsushi)
    - SKK
      - improve completion behavior (Masanari, Etsushi)

Overview of changes from 1.0.0-alpha to 1.0.0-beta
* New features

  o IM related
    - SKK
      - enable word completion with UNIX look command (Etsushi)

* Fixes
  o Critical
    - uim-pref-qt
      - fix behavior of custom widget with integer number when the
        value in the stored file is greater than 99 (Etsushi)

  o Minor
    - update configure script (Etsushi)
      - don't require XML::Parser
      - more strict check for canna
    - Qt immodule
      - fix to respond to uim-pref-gtk's custom messages on the fly in
	addition to uim-pref-qt's (Etsushi)
    - uim-pref-qt
      - code cleanup (Kazuki)

    - Canna
      - fix behavior of backspace key in conversion state (Etsushi)

  o Others
    - Update translations

Overview of changes from to 1.0.0-alpha
* New features
  o Main features
    - uim.el (bridge for Emacs) (Konosuke)
    - byeoru Hangul input suite (Jae-hyeon)
    - mana Japanese input (Masanari)

  o IM related
    - toggle-im facility (Etsushi, YamaKen)
    - Anthy
      - vi-cooperative mode (Masanari)
    - Canna
      - vi-cooperative mode (Masanari)
    - SKK (Etsushi)
      - dynamic completion
      - ddskk compatible behavior with mistypes while starting
	kanji-mode, e.g. "kAnnji" for "Kannji"
      - improved numeric conversion
      - support commit with opposite case in latin-conversion
      - support completion with conversion and/or commit at once

* Fixes
  o Critical
    - fix segmentation fault if uim is compiled with '--enabled-debug'
      (Etsushi, dai <d+r AT vdr.jp>)
    - fix IPC (connection to PRIME) in some rare cases (Masanari)
    - fix possible GC crash with anti-stack smashing compilers such as
      GCC4 (Jun, YamaKen)

  o Minor
    - preedit reset with IM switch (Masanari)
    - some build fixes (Masanari)

    - gtk+ immodule
      - disable warnings (Etsushi)
    - uim-xim
      - support changes in X modifier keys on-the-fly (Etsushi)

    - Anthy
      - improve kana-input mode (Masanari)
    - SKK
      - improve completion behavior (Etsushi)
      - improve skkserv connection (Masahito, Etsushi)
    - PRIME
      - proper custom setting (YamaKen)

    - uim-im-switcher-qt
      - show list of IM properly (Etsushi)
    - uim-pref-qt
      - compatible behavior with uim-pref-gtk (Etsushi)

* Others
  o obsolete table API
  o translations
    - add ko (Jae-hyeon)
    - update ja (Daichi Kawahata, YamaKen)

Information about uim can be found at:

Etsushi Kato
ek.kato at gmail.com

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