[Uim] Re: Documentation, or just help?

Kenichi Handa handa at m17n.org
Tue Feb 1 01:45:46 EET 2005

In article <ctl889$fbf$1 at sea.gmane.org>, Sunnan <sunnan at handgranat.org> writes:
>>  Probably the m17n library is most benefical for you at now. It's
>>  based on simple finite state machine model with lisp-like
>>  syntax.
> I don't get it - is that an entire character rendering solution, or what?

UIM can use m17n-lib as a backend input method engine, and
it's quite easy to add a new m17n-lib input method.  You can
use m17n-lib input method also as an backend of SCIM (if you
install scim-m17n).

Once you confirm that some m17n-lib-based input method are
available via UIM or SCIM, please put the attached file
"sv-post.mim" under the directory where m17n-lib is
installed (usually /usr/lib/m17n or /usr/local/lib/m17n,
checkable by running the command "m17n-db" with no arg).
Then add the following line in the file "mdb.dir" in the
same directory.

(input-method sv post "sv-post.mim")

That's all.

I'll include this and many more Emacs input methods in the
next release of m17n-lib.

> I thought I could just do a simple input mode for UIM? I'll look closer 
> at m17n, but it looks odd.

Could you tell me what is odd?

Ken'ichi HANDA
handa at m17n.org
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