[Uim], 0.4.6beta1, 0.4.6beta2

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Sun Feb 20 17:01:54 EET 2005

What version of uim you should use?

If now you are using Qt immodule of uim, you must use or 
0.4.6beta1 or 0.4.6beta2.(If you aren't, you don't have to upgrade.) 
What is different among these versions? is security patch applied version of 0.4.5. 0.4.5 has been used 
for 3 months, we can say it's stable.

0.4.6beta1 is latest trunk based release. It's still beta version, 
maybe it's unstable.

0.4.6beta2 is quite similar to 0.4.6beta1, but a minor fix is included.

>From the point of view of security, all of above is OK. But 0.4.6beta2 
is obviously better than 0.4.6beta1, there's no reason to choose beta1.

As a conclusion, you should use or 0.4.6beta2. I recommend


tkng at xem.jp

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