[Uim] Re: [m17n-lib:00111] Re: SCIM help for M17N input methods (was: Custom Keyboard Layout Editor/Interpreter for SCIM)

Kenichi Handa handa at m17n.org
Tue Feb 22 10:19:08 EET 2005

In article <200501130830.RAA13294 at etlken.m17n.org>, Kenichi Handa <handa at m17n.org> writes:
> I'm going to implement these new API's (the detail is
> attached at the tail).  I'd like to hear your opinions.

> (1) For getting a description text of an input method
> (2) For customizing input keys
> (3) For customizing the behaviour of an input method
> (4) For loading and saving the customization.

We have implementd (1), (2), (3) with the attached API
(slightly modified from the one previous proposed).  I also
attach a sample program to use that API.  It contains a
program imtest.c (sorry for a few comments in it) and two
sample data files im-cmd.tbl (list of global commands) and
test.mim (test input method that contains variables).

Could you please check it?

We have not yet implemented (4).  Do you think it's surely

Ken'ichi HANDA
handa at m17n.org

PS. I'll join codefesta.  See you in Beijing!

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