[Uim] Re: Any chance of inclusion Jae-Hyeon Park's byeoru module to the distribution?

Park Jae-hyeon jhpark at kias.re.kr
Thu Oct 6 18:24:50 EEST 2005


I am sorry for late reply.  I am now attending a conference in Taiwan.

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki <tkng at xem.jp> writes:

> No, there isn't. Problem is not in byeoru module. It's the problem
> of priority. And you can change the content of my priority queue by
> sending me a mail. I'll try to add byeoru module to uim's official
> repository tonight.

No, please wait for a few more days unless you are in an absolute
hurry.  Recently I added a romaja layout which works like the one
included in HWP (the dominating word-processor in Korea).  I am
planning to check the code again and put it on the web after returning
to Korea this weekend.  Include byeoru into uim after that.


Park, Jae-hyeon
School of Physics, KIAS
jaehyeon.park at gmail.com

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