[Uim] uim 1.3.0-beta released

Etsushi Kato ek.kato at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 14:18:21 EET 2006


uim-1.3.0-beta is now available from download at:


 MD5: cc0dc329b521d20e0f815ad8442607f1
 SHA1: 07660fae885d09a9a2ea1d36c39b80286f0c4f26
 MD5: f04f60d48743517f21d62dba9804f64a
 SHA1: 2eebbada6352cd9bf9973f668dc4de732553e2b2

1.3.0 final will be released next week based on this.  Please test
this release.

Etsushi Kato
ek.kato at gmail.com

Overview of changes from 1.3.0-alpha to 1.3.0-beta
* Fixed
  - libuim
    - Minor fix for text acquisition and injection
    - Add caps-lock, scroll-lock, and num-lock keysyms

  - Tcode
  - Try-code
    - Update compose table

  - uim-toolbar-qt
    - Suppress runtime warning when icon files are missing

  - GTK+ bridge
  - Qt bridge
  - XIM bridge
    - Support caps-lock, scroll-lock, and num-lock keysyms
    - Fix page shift behavior

uim 1.3.0-beta Release Note

About This Release

This distribution of uim 1.3.0-beta is a preview release for testing
purpose. Since it may contain serious unknown problems, it should not
be used for important works. For such situations, use our latest
stable release uim 1.2.1.

Please report us if you find a problem.

Mailinglist: uim at freedesktop.org
Bug tracking system: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/

What's New

 - Text acquisition and focus-related APIs

  - Dead keys support for the latin IM

  - Experimental Kana keyboard support

  - Flash Player 9 plugin workaround for uim-xim

  - New Try-Code Japanese IM

See NEWS for the fully detailed changes.

Notes for Packagers and System Integrators

 - The maintainer mode of configure script is introduced. If your
   package prefer your own PNG icon generation with rsvg, Add
   --enable-maintainer-mode option to configure

  - anthy.png, canna.png and prime.png are replaced with generated
   file. Be careful to maintain install procedure


  - uim 1.4.0

   Release for internal improvement. No user-visible changes other
   than resource consumption reduction. This release plan will not be
   deferred anymore.

   The non-standard-conformant Scheme interpreter of libuim will be
   replaced with newly developed SigScheme to make a room for next

  - uim 1.5.0

   Release for internal simplification. No user-visible changes.

   The complicated C part of uim which prevents extensions, design
   improvements and automated input method tests will be turned into
   Scheme codes or optimized out.

  - uim 1.6.0 and later

   The time for drastic reconstruction. Many user-visible changes.

   The composer framework will be introduced for extensible IM

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