[Uim] Improvement of documentation

Martin Swift martin at swift.is
Sun Dec 24 03:53:09 PST 2006

Hi all,

Sorry about the hiatus.

On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 05:06:05AM +0900, YAMAMOTO Kengo / YamaKen wrote:
> Sounds good. And your document organization is reasonable and
> personally preferable. Please go ahead.

Great. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to get much work
done on this. I've been discussing this at Wikibooks, but it took a
while before I was fairly certain that it wouldn't get deleted.
Basically, there was a requirement about "no original research" to
stop crackpots posting their theories there.

There is, however, interest in books on topics which have no
comparable source to refer to as sources and as a result, policies
have been tweaked to accomodate such books.

I've also been discussing the issue of licensing. There is no graceful
way to fix all possible loose ends, but I've set something up which I
hope will work.

You will find the outline I sent in a previous email to the list at
Sub-pages will end up including a navigation aid:
which links to the license.

I've done some minor doc writing -- mainly rewriting stuff of the old
wiki to make sure, we don't loose any information -- and will try to
put them up at Wikibooks when I have the time.

> >  - Distro package managers
> >     (should this simply refer to distributions' docs for their
> >     respective package managers?)
> I think it's enough at first.

Does anyone have an overview of which distributions have uim packaged?

> >     * Graphical tools
> >      (it doesn't matter which tool -- gtk or qt -- one uses, right?)
> Basically yes. But it may indicate some trivial differences.

Not sure what you mean. Could you elaborate? Are the two functionally
identical, with only some minor wording differences?

Finally, I've got a few questions, but think it may be best to ask
them in individual posts for clarity and mail-archive searchability.
I've got these written down, and will send them shortly. Now, however,
I've got some Christmas errands to run.

Happy holidays,


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