[Uim] [Docs] Config options' precedence details

Martin Swift martin at swift.is
Fri Dec 29 03:39:23 PST 2006

Hi gang,

How does the precedence of config options, set in the graphical tool on
the one hand and in ~/.uim on the other, work?

Say I open up the graphical tool and see
  [Global] on   "zenkaku-hankaku", "<Shift>space", 
but then set
  generic-on-key '("<Alt>j")
in ~/.uim, will the two settings add, giving three possible
key-bindings or will the graphical tool settings be cleared?


PS. Unimportant, but just out of curiosity in case someone knows: Why
is the graphical tool configuration saved in ~/.uim.d/ rather than put
both in a single directory, ~/.uim/? Just 'cause?


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