[Uim] [Docs] Comparison of uim and SCIM?

Jan Willem Stumpel jstumpel at planet.nl
Sun Dec 31 10:42:09 PST 2006

Martin Swift wrote:
> Can anyone start me off on how uim and SCIM compare as IMs -- 
> features and internals? I recall a few how-to-s where users 
> were suggested to install both and I got the feeling that they 
> interacted in some way. I found this whole thing very
> confusing.

I found 2 things which uim does better than scim:

-- "on the spot" conversion. With uim, this works in all programs,
   but it does not work in scim in text-mode (xterm) programs.

-- composing characters (i.e. producing things like ¥ by pressing
   the Compose key, then = and Y; you need this in uim's "direct"
   mode or scim's "English/European" mode): scim seems to have its
   own (very outdated) version of the Compose table. uim uses the
   one supplied on the system, and also respects the user's
   customisations in ~/.XCompose.

Combining scim and uim: about the usefulness of this I am just as
much in the dark as you. I found that .pdf diagram some time ago,
but it did not make any sense to me.

Regards, Jan

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