[utf-8] Language Info Needed for GNU Aspell

Danilo Segan dsegan at gmx.net
Tue Mar 23 13:23:16 PST 2004

Hi Kevin,

Kevin Atkinson <kevina at gnu.org> writes:

> sr     Serbian                   Cyrillic          -            Yes
> sr                               Latin             -            -

As discussed earlier, word list is currently being constructed, so you
might want to use "Planned" here as well (if that's what it means).
One word list was supposed to be useful for both Cyrillic and Latin,
but I'll also provide specific lists for separate scripts (Cyrillic
one would be more useful for combining spell-checking of eg. Serbian
and English, or other Latin-script based language).

I can also provide a Serbian Latin translation of messages, but the
problem currently is lack of Translation Project team dedicated for
Serbian Latin translations.  We normally use code sr at Latn and name
translations sr at Latn.po for that (in entire Gnome since
2.2.something, and in KDE since 3.2).

Besides, thanks a lot for doing hell of a job on localization issues
of aspell.


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