[VDPAU] VP8 support in the VDPAU interface

Emeric Grange emeric.grange at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 13:35:39 PST 2012

2012/2/28 Eric Appleman <erappleman at gmail.com>

> I've read and played Emeric's work a few weeks ago. It does work, barely.
> Not sure if all my compiled bits were correct.

Hi !

First a quick word about the current status of the GSoC work. The VP8 VDPAU
decoding is working (slower than ffmpeg software decoder however) as long
as you have a patched libvdpau, ffmpeg / libav, mplayer / mplayer2, and
You can find the latest sources here :

The mplayer / mplayer2 patches are quite straightforward.
The ffmpeg / libav patches are working well but could use a review.
The mesa work is divided into two distinct parts :
- The VDPAU state tracker is working quite well and the VP8 addition is
- The mesa VP8 decoder is kind of a proof of concept. It's based on a
stripped down version of libvpx and is only composed of C code, and not
using any assembly.
This provided a quick way to start working on hardware acceleration while
having a fully working VP8 software decoder, with still the same "video
compatibility" as libvpx. Lack of time and knowledge prevented me to
implement the next items of my GSoC todo list (namely loop filter and
motion compensation using shaders).
So far the only parts using GPU acceleration are color conversion and
composition, and these are provided by previous work on G3DVL (the Gallium
3D Video Layer).

I'm looking for H264 decoding. Also curious as to how R600g has more landed
> support for VDPAU than Nouveau.
> - Eric

I guess more developers have Radeon cards :-) Also the nouveau driver is
using dedicated hardware on cards up to NV50, and to do so "bypass"
or "overload" the G3DVL shader based decoders. The fallback when G3DVL is
used on NV50+ hardware may be malfunctioning. I can confirm it works on a
NV50 card and does not on a NVC0.

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