[waffle] [PATCH 08/18] api: make waffle_get_proc_address() display aware

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 09:43:11 PDT 2014

On 04/08/14 08:17, Chad Versace wrote:
> Thunderbird believes this patch is Chinese... :(
In that case I will attach the patch (and push branch for-upstream-WGL-1.2

> I need more time to look at this patch because of the API break.
> Even though eglGetProcAddress and glXGetProcAddress allow queries before the process
> makes any other EGL/GLX calls, in practice I see no harm in requiring Waffle users
> to postpone procAddress queries until after acquiring a display. Except for a few
> special cases, GetProc'd function pointers aren't useful anyway without a current
> context, which requires a display.
> So, I don't believe this should cause any real problems. But I want a little time to
> consider all the implications here.
On possible issue that I can see is if one uses waffle_get_proc_address()
using a pointer to the first waffle_display, while a second one is active. On
the other hand I assume that waffle itself may explode a bit before that :)

Or in other words I am _not_ a big fan of the two API/ABI changes yet I see no
clear way of solving this without enforcing additional and "interesting" rules
on the user.

> Also, when breaking the ABI, we will need to increment Waffle's major version. It's
> just a number, so no big deal. Waffle 2.0 won't be an earth-shattering change from
> Waffle 1.x (except for WGL support!). It will simply be another incremental improvement
> over its previous release, like Git 1.9 to Git 2.0.
And the current versioning scheme makes things even easier wrt having multiple
waffles side by side. I like mine with chocolate :)

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