[waffle] [PATCH 0/8] Move WAFFLE_API out of the public header + misc patches

Jose Fonseca jfonseca at vmware.com
Thu May 29 11:17:55 PDT 2014

The Windows specifc change (patch 7) looks good.

The rest looks sensible too FWIW, but I'm not the best person to comment, as I'm not yet familiar with the code base.


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> Hi all,
> Here is a small selection of patches - mostly bugfixes, while going
> though waffle's existing implementations and working on wgl.
> The series is available in the for-upstream branch at my github repo
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v1/url?u=https://github.com/evelikov/waffle&k=oIvRg1%2BdGAgOoM1BIlLLqw%3D%3D%0A&r=NMr9uy2iTjWVixC0wOcYCWEIYhfo80qKwRgdodpoDzA%3D%0A&m=PKFidBoUqDS1VL09U57pR%2Btw2qErP3G1%2B%2B6XjsEUCE8%3D%0A&s=f2626a50efbe287b107032398cfe8476bdd29d71fac039eebfec609cd9f97b2f
> Comments, tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Emil
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