[waffle] [ANNOUNCE] Waffle 1.4.4

Chad Versace chad.versace at intel.com
Thu Jan 22 12:35:23 PST 2015

Waffle 1.4.4 is now available. This is a maintenance release that fixes
bugs since 1.4.3 and adds small packaging improvements.

Tarballs and other release files are posted at:

   Release Page:       http://www.waffle-gl.org/releases.html#1.4.4
   Source:             http://www.waffle-gl.org/files/release/waffle-1.4.4/waffle-1.4.4.tar.xz
   GPG Signature:      http://www.waffle-gl.org/files/release/waffle-1.4.4/waffle-1.4.4.tar.xz.asc
   SHA-256 Sums:       http://www.waffle-gl.org/files/release/waffle-1.4.4/waffle-1.4.4.sha256sums
   Release Notes:      http://www.waffle-gl.org/files/release/waffle-1.4.4/waffle-1.4.4-release-notes.txt

The SHA-256 checksums are:

    8e909c0fd16dadb7ddcb74d6579193757ce41a7cdd88decde03a7d593cb7ca5d  waffle-1.4.4-release-notes.txt
    0a01ee0c9ccd88f4e277b38537729bdf7f9c9f09f28c9b7629e1f4ecdfa90df5  waffle-1.4.4.tar.xz
    77aa16095bb80e67b7c7c61202c8593454b41fd6cb65d464a0e93b2cdc7e95b6  waffle-1.4.4.tar.xz.asc

The signed git tag v1.4.4 is found in:


Methods to verify the release files are:

   Verify the tarball's PGP signature:  gpg --verify waffle-1.4.4.tar.xz.asc
   Verify the git tag's signature:      git fetch --tags origin && git tag --verify v1.4.4
   Verify the tarball's checksum:       echo '0a01ee0c9ccd88f4e277b38537729bdf7f9c9f09f28c9b7629e1f4ecdfa90df5  waffle-1.4.4.tar.xz' | sha256sum -c

Please file bugs and issues at:


Waffle 1.4.4 Release Notes

New Stuff
* Waffle now installs CMake PackageConfig files.

  The new files are WaffleConfig.cmake and WaffleConfigVersion.cmake.
  These are like Linux pkg-config files, but specific to CMake. See
  commit 622efdd [1].

  [1] https://github.com/waffle-gl/waffle/commit/622efdd3f3e832ac34edb9f7f54bb675f0fdec13

* Fix version check in FindWaffle.cmake

  This bug only affects other projects that use CMake and used FindWaffle.cmake.
  See bug [https://github.com/waffle-gl/waffle/issues/27].

Changes since 1.4.3
Chad Versace (2):
      doc: Add release notes for Waffle 1.4.4
      waffle: Bump version to 1.4.4

Dylan Baker (2):
      cmake: Add cmake PackageConfig files
      cmake: fix version search

Jordan Justen (4):
      debian: Add WaffleConfig*.cmake to libwaffle-dev package

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