[Wayland-bugs] [Bug 60926] Weston should exit when run on KMS without weston-launch

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--- Comment #3 from Kristian Høgsberg <krh at bitplanet.net> ---
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> > Currently, when someone runs weston on KMS/DRM without weston-launch, they
> > usually have no keyboard / mouse permissions, which generally ends up
> > requiring a reboot.  
> > 
> > So weston should detect being run on KMS/DRM without weston-launch, and exit.
> I don't use weston-launch in the realm of my testing activities and prefer
> not to.  And I've never had the issue that you've described.
> It seems you're trying to solve the issue from the wrong direction...
> shouldn't weston just detect the permission problems instead of forcing a
> hard multi-directional relationship on weston-launch?  Having weston check
> if weston-launch was used to run it doesn't seem to make sense to me (i.e.
> why not just have weston take on the responsibilities of weston-launch in
> that case?).

weston-launch is the only supported way to run weston on KMS.  weston-launch
isolates the few things requiring root-priviledges in a tiny process with no
unsafe dependencies for easy auditing, letting weston run as a regular user. 
Running weston on kms can only work if it is run as root, which is not a
scenario we support.

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