New to linux :) but interested in bugfixing for wayland

Ambrose J ambrose.jeyaprabhu at
Sun Dec 26 09:08:52 PST 2010

Hi ,

I am new to linux (so to wayland) , from a Microsoft windows platform 
.Working as Tech lead in Microsoft technologies ..

Learning to use linux and also learning more about it . I looked into 
the wayland project and found its young (sorry if I am wrong ), thought 
I could contribute with some bug fixing ,later contribute to it more .

I also learnt that many mainstream Linux like Ubuntu & Fedora have plans 
for this .

Right now since it is 1000 lines of code or more , it should be easy to 
get a grip of it .Above in the mail I have mentioned my background so 
that , please what to actually start with . Like books/tutorials to 
learn about Window managers / opengl /  anything that is relevant so 
that once I gone through them ,I can have some understanding and start 
with Bug Fixing . Or provide me some info for like "Getting Started 
......."  ..

Thanks and Regards Ambrose J
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