Radeon tryouts: With and without gallium on RV250

Sedat Dilek sedat.dilek at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 1 07:09:34 PDT 2010


I have tried some more Wayland-testing on Radeon hardware and wanted
to let you know.

[1] Disabled-Gallium: NOT working (see attachment)

$ LC_ALL=C ; LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=/opt/wayland/lib/dri DISPLAY=:0.0
./compositor -b ../../backgrounds/dscn1843.jpg
failed to initialize display
Segmentation fault

For Intel-GfxCards it is even recommended [1]:

"If you're using an intel chipset, it's best to also pass
--disable-gallium to ./configure, since otherwise libEGL will try to
load the gallium sw rasterizer before loading the Intel DRI driver."

[2] With Dirty-Hack to recognize Chip-ID: NOT working (patch attached)

Workaround try for the following error-messages:

$ LC_ALL=C ; LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=/opt/wayland/lib/dri DISPLAY=:0.0 ./compositor
r300: Warning: Unknown chipset 0x4c66
radeon: The kernel rejected CS, see dmesg for more information.

[ src/gallium/state_trackers/egl/drm/native_drm.c ]
-      name = is_r3xx(chip_id) ? "r300" : "r600";
+      name = "r200";

Thanks Alex Deucher for pointing me to commit "st/egl: Fix r300/r600
support in KMS backend." (see [2]) and giving help on IRC.

[3] Enabled swrast-gallium and Disabled radeon-gallium: NOT working
(see attachment)

I was wrong in [3], it is possible to have swrast-gallium-only build.

./autogen.sh --prefix=/opt/wayland --with-driver=dri
--with-dri-driverdir=/opt/wayland/lib/dri --with-dri-drivers=swrast
--disable-gallium-radeon --enable-gallium-swrast
--with-state-trackers=dri,glx,egl --enable-egl --enable-gles2

$ LC_ALL=C ; LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=/opt/wayland/lib/dri DISPLAY=:0.0
./compositor -b ../../backgrounds/dscn1843.jpg
libEGL warning: failed to create DRM screen
failed to initialize display
Segmentation fault

[4] Conclusion?

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