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Arthur Zhu xiaoxiaomuyusajiangtian at
Sat Nov 6 22:26:33 PDT 2010

The build directions recommend disabling gallium in order to get intel
working properly.  However I've not gotten a successful build with
--disable-gallium added.  Unless someone has a suggestion, I'm going to
try a mesa without --disable-gallium.  Maybe there's a better solution
anyway.  We will need gallium enabled in mesa for Radeon and Nouveau, so
hopefully there's a better way to solve this for intel.

--enable-gallium-i915 while compositor would have been failed, I'm debugging
it right now that Could there someone else to let compositor framebuffer
running in another term in the same computer?

Mesa: Mesa 7.9 DEBUG build Nov  5 2010 15:59:41
Mesa warning: couldn't open, software DXTn
compression/decompression unavailable
Mesa 7.9 implementation error: Incomplete OpenGL ES 2.0 support.
Please report at
i915_state_derived.c:72:calculate_vertex_layout: Assertion `unit < 8'
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