Network transparency argument

Mark Constable markc at
Mon Nov 8 22:49:01 PST 2010

On 2010-11-09, jonsmirl at wrote:
> Network transparency is changing. The web is a giant
> network transparent app. HTML5 allows much better UIs
> to be built. Maybe the question should be, why are you
> using gtk/qt instead of HTML5 to build your GUI?

Good point. The network aspect of X was built-in way
before the web existed in the days when the very concept
of a HTTP browser did not yet exist. I don't understand
why folks "demand" that Wayland emulate the networking
features of X when a) it's not even functioning as a
viable windowing system yet and b) do you really want
the extra code bloat when X can run on top of Wayland
and provide network transparency indirectly.

Give Wayland a chance to become usable and stabilise and
I am confident that there will be 1/2 dozen different
ways to provide networking features directly to Wayland,
for those that want it, and in a way that does not hog
development time for those who do not want it.

To me, Wayland represents the best chance I know of to
have an efficient tear-free and flicker-free desktop.
Just get that right first and worry about ad-ons later.


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