Making Wayland Game-friendly

Luke Benstead kazade at
Wed Nov 10 07:16:05 PST 2010

2010/11/10 Kristian Høgsberg <krh at>

> Either way, a native resolution fullscreen mode is definitely planned.
>  Both scaling (with or without aspect ratio/black bars) and native
> modes (we can page flip directly to the applications buffer) make
> sense, but I think that will be policy/configuration options in the
> compositor.  What will be in the protocol will be a way to request to
> be fullscreen, which the compositor will honor when the application
> has focus, but it will always be possible to alt-tab away (or press
> the "home button" or similar).  So the compositor is in control, it
> will change the resolution, scale and draw black bars, or maybe even
> just center the application window and fade out the rest of the
> desktop around it.
Excellent! I can't wait for that!

> This also ties in with capturing the mouse pointer and relative events
> (which Carsten also talks about in his mail).  Typically games also
> want to make sure the pointer stays inside the window and they want
> relative events.  It's no good if you're trying to turn around in
> quake and the pointer leaves the window or hits the screen edge.  X
> applications solve this by grabbing the mouse, confining it to the
> window and continuously warping the cursor into the center to simulate
> relative events.  This is obviously a hack, and wayland isn't going to
> support open-ended pointer or keyboard grabs, nor warping the pointer.
>  Instead, we provide relative events when the device generates them,
> and in fullscreen mode, all the events go to the fullscreen
> application, so no need to confine the pointer.

Brilliant, the Wine project will love you guys - they've had a nightmare
with the lack of relative mouse info from X (until recently) - that is of
course if/when they write a Wayland driver.

> Anyway, this is all kinda half-baked, but it is the general direction
> I see this going.
> Kristian

Thanks Kristian!
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