Benchmark of Wayland

Justin Lee justinlee5455 at
Thu Nov 11 01:08:02 PST 2010

Chris Wilson has been playing around with direct-rendered cairo (cairo-drm)

and notice very promising results:
* Gradients are 100x - 120x faster
* Some painting operations are 50x faster
* Text is 4x faster

If I didn't get it wrong, Wayland apps are also direct-rendered. I'm
not sure if Wayland runs on my video chip SiS 661 (I think it
doesn't), but it seems there have been some successful builds and
executions of Wayland as I can see in Wayland group and this list.

It will be good if similar benchmark could be observed in Wayland. I
expect Wayland will have the same order of performance as cairo-drm
although it depends on hardware and driver.

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