Garbled screen for KMS and ATI Radeon X800

Benjamin Franzke benjaminfranzke at
Sun Nov 14 05:12:11 PST 2010

Using the classic driver wont work...
It doesnt implement initialization for opengl es2, and some of the new
extensions needed for wayland (EGL_MESA_drm_image and surfaceless

So your chances to get wayland running on drm are better with the r300g driver..
Btw the function, thats implemented by the patch Alex linked, exists
already in r300g.

What you might need are the page-flip patches Alex posted on the
dri-devel mailing list:
But that doesnt mean it works then:
With the patches on r300g i can see some parts of wayland, but the
wayland image starts at about 5/6 vertically and in the middle
It looks like the image is read from a wrong buffer..

2010/11/14 Christoph Frieben <christoph.frieben at>:
> 2010/11/13 Alex Deucher:
>> Try the r300 classic mesa 3D driver.
> No luck after adding "--disable-gallium" of the build options of mesa:
> $ ./compositor
> failed to create context
> failed to create compositor
> -Christoph
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