A few questions and a suggestion for dnd

Fabian Henze flyser42 at gmx.de
Sun Nov 14 09:08:11 PST 2010

Hello list,
I read the wayland documentation in the specs folder of the git repository and 
while I am impressed of the simplicity and elegance of waylands design, a few 
questions came to my mind. I hope they are not too specific for a display 
server in such an early state :-)

1. If the design of the pointer is controlled by the client, how will this be 
consistent among applications? Especially, if the user wants to change the 
system-wide pointer theme? How will clients decide what e.g. the "hand" or 
text-selection pointer looks like?

If I understood the document correctly, the pointer image is not reset, if the 
pointer leaves a surface. If so:
2. Will all clients have to reset the pointer once they receive motion events? 
Isn't this ineffective? Will the "root surface" (is that what it's called?) 
also have to do this?

3. What are the minimum requirements to run wayland? Does the system have to 
have a 3D capable GPU? what about virtual GPUs? e.g. cirrus for qemu or 
whatever other emulators use?

And finally an idea for the drag and drop mechanism:
Would it be possible (and desirable) to modify dnd in the following way:
When the drag starts, the initiator surface creates a new surface, which 
contains just an image of the drag content and is positioned relative to the 
pointer. After the target surface accepted the drag, it gains access to the 
surface and can do whatever animation with it. This would make drag and drop 
visually more appealing.
I hope you understand what I mean and how this would be useful. If you don't, 
I can try to create a quick mockup using gimp :-).

P.S.: I found two typos in the documentation: The first one is on page 5, where 
"drag.offer(mime-type1" misses a brace and the second one is on page 8 in 3.1, 
where "fromt" should be "from". Do you care for a patch or do you quickly fix 
this yourself?

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