Getting anti-aliasing right

Nikolai Kondrashov spbnick at
Wed Nov 17 00:30:10 PST 2010

On 11/17/2010 05:14 AM, jonsmirl at wrote:
> What is the plan for anti-aliasing? If an app draws a beautiful
> anti-aliased scene to a buffer, and then that buffer is transformed by
> the compositor, all of that beautiful anti-aliasing is going to get
> messed up. Especially sub-pixel antialiasing if the compositor
> transform changes the alignment of the screen with the LCD pixels.
IMHO, one way to fix this is to abandon subpixel antialiasing altogether and
hope the displays get better resolution instead :) After all, it is very
much a hack, highly dependent on the output device, which often produces
undesirable results whenever the device is wrong.


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