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microcai microcai at
Wed Nov 17 19:08:47 PST 2010

> > So ? Move wayland entirely into the kernel ? Then there will be no delay.
> This kind of issue would be solved in direct-procedure call approach,
> because  function call is synchronized. The function get executed
> right away after the caller calls it. It is the most *direct* manner I
> can think of.
direct-procedure call ? You mean similar mechanism of LPC ?
I know Windows NT developed LPC, call RPC as local function, because the
kernel will do context switch immediately when a program do LPC call. Thus,
for every GUI thread, there must be a server thread serving it.

<<<bullsh*t>>> GDI?????
> Sounds like you are radical Microsoft hater. Yeah, many Linux users
> hate MS, but there is no need to be so radical in a mailing list which
> is unrelated to MS. ...I mean there are many MS forums on the net, you
> know.
Sorry for personal emotion.
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