Language bindings for wayland

Carl-Philip Haensch Carl-Philip.Haensch at
Sat Nov 20 14:12:24 PST 2010


i'm planning to write languate bindings for freepascal (fpc) but there  
are some things that make it hard for me to port (=blocks automatic  
header generation)
  - inline functions and their implementation in the header file
  - "struct foo *" as declaration in return types
  - #define inline function magic

An other idea would be to make the files needed for language bindings  
(wayland-util.h, wayland-client.j, wayland-protocol.h, window.h)  
auto-generated so that everyone who needs a language binding can add  
his code generator to scanner.c

There is a lot of work to do to make wayland bindings usable.

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