Using the Wayland port of QT

Darxus at Darxus at
Sun Nov 21 15:52:14 PST 2010

I spent a lot of time today trying to get this to work under ubuntu, with
input from Benjamin Franzke in the IRC channel.

I was not successful.

On 11/21, Benjamin Franzke wrote:

That doesn't work, apparently due to hardcoding the path to drm.h instead
of using the version from the defined library path.

On 11/21, Benjamin Franzke wrote:
> 2010/11/21 Benjamin Franzke <benjaminfranzke at>:
> > I've also created a merge request for that stuff now, so you could
> > also use that:
> >

> oh I forgot to say the merge request needs the scanner PATCH i posted earlier..
> so you should use the first patch for now

The scanner patch (for wayland, not qt) is:

These two patches together (one for qt, one for wayland) result in a

< Darxus> $ examples/widgets/analogclock/analogclock -platform wayland
< Darxus> Segmentation fault
< bnf> Darxus: had that too...  only doing a clean rebuild helped me
< Darxus> bnf: Rebuild of what?
< bnf> Darxus: qt (yes it sucks)

I rebuilt wayland and qt (after "git reset --hard && git clean -x -f" in
both), and got the segfault again.

A script of what I did (applying the qt-wayland merge request, and the
scanner patch for wayland):

You'll probably need some more stuff built from git which is done by my
ubuntu build script.

Some useful Qt build debugging stuff:

03:39PM < Darxus> Failed to load platform plugin "wayland". Available platforms are:
03:39PM < Darxus> Minimal
03:40PM < bnf> Darxus: search for
03:40PM < bnf> *
03:41PM < Darxus> No
03:42PM < bnf> go to config.tests/qpa/wayland/
03:42PM < bnf> ist there a file "wayland"?
03:42PM < Darxus> No.  Just Makefile  wayland.cpp
03:43PM < bnf> qmake && make wayland
03:45PM < Darxus> wayland.cpp:2: fatal error: wayland-client.h: No such file or directory
03:45PM < Darxus> $ export | grep INCL
03:45PM < Darxus> declare -x C_INCLUDE_PATH="/home/darxus/install/include"
03:46PM < Darxus> $ ls -l /home/darxus/install/include/wayland-client.h
03:46PM < Darxus> -rw-r--r-- 1 darxus darxus 2907 2010-11-20 22:53 /home/darxus/install/include/wayland-client.h
03:46PM < bnf> Darxus: oh maybe you need CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH?
03:48PM < Darxus> Yup, that did it, thanks.

04:17PM < Darxus> In file included from /home/darxus/install/include/xf86drm.h:40, from qwaylandintegration.cpp:20:
04:17PM < Darxus> /usr/include/libdrm/drm.h:376: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘virtual’
04:17PM < bnf> Darxus: update you libdrm
04:18PM < Darxus> bnf: from git:// ?
04:19PM < Darxus> $ git pull
04:19PM < Darxus> Already up-to-date.
04:21PM < bnf> Darxus: /usr/include/libdrm/drm.h is used thats a problem of the first patch..

This is the problem with hardcoding the path to drm.h, which is fixed by

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