Multiple Wayland Servers

Joel Teichroeb joel at
Wed Nov 24 19:15:16 PST 2010

On 11/24/2010 04:51 PM, nerdopolis wrote:
> Hi.
> Just a quick quseion is how are Wayland servers identified?
> In X we have the DISPLAY identifier, can be specified by an environment
> variable, or argument.
> How is it going to specified in Wayland?
> Also, what will replace xhost? its prevent one user from running an app in
> another users server to take a screenshot, or capture key codes, and at the
> same time allow wanted user accounts, like a deamon or something display stuff
> on the screen.
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/* The plan here is to generate a random anonymous socket name and
  * advertise that through a service on the session dbus.
static const char socket_name[] = "\0wayland";

I am not sure how this will work for running multiple Wayland servers at 
the same time though. It is possible though

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