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Yuval Fledel yuvalfl at
Thu Nov 25 03:48:18 PST 2010

In the past week I'm trying to make Wayland run on a Linux framebuffer.

My first attempt was to use cairo. It was fast. Fast enough to not
have shutter when moving the mouse. Darxus published the patches to
mailing list the a few days ago.

But using cairo would mean a different compositor, as this one is
pretty tied to EGL. So I went on to explore OpenGL. Mesa has a fbdev
target, which seems like a great match. Now I have the basic Wayland
compositor with OpenGL on fbdev (I'm now cleaning up and sending
patches). It uses Gallium3D's softpipe, and its slow. I get <1 FPS. It
could be that I'm doing something I shouldn't, and I don't really know
how to profile it, but it can't be faster than cairo by design.

What architecure are you porting it to?


2010/11/25 mcpoet <mcpoet.marro at>:
> sure , I know that's a killing feature .
> But actually I'm planning to port Wayland to some architecture which doesn't have GPU and OpenGL support .
> So , when both sides are living on the cpu , which is better ?
> 在 2010-11-25,上午11:27, microcai 写道:
>> Wayland is 100x faster than X .....
>> Because Wayland is base on OpenGL, every thing is done by GPU ...
>> ^_^
>> 2010/11/25 mcpoet <mcpoet.marro at>:
>>> Hi all :
>>>        I just new to Wayland and I 'm wondering is there any performance statics or benchmarks
>>> comparison between the Wayland server and X-server ?
>>>        Thanks a lot .
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