Wayland patches

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Sun Nov 28 08:27:59 PST 2010


Just a few quick guidelines on submitting patches to wayland.  It is
much like the kernel or the X server and comes down to "use git
send-email".  This means that you have to commit the changes locally
and then use git send-email to send it.  The commit messages
themselves have to have a one line summary (no period at the end) then
a blank line and then a more elaborate description of the change, if
it's not a simple fix.  Existing wayland commits, X server or kernel
commits are good examples.

If you're fixing different bugs or implementing a feature in a number
of steps, use multiple commits, that each fix/implement one thing.
Then send the patches using git send-email -N, where N is the number
of patches to send.  git send-email can be a bit finicky to set up, so
an alternative is to use git format-patch -N, which will generate N
patch files which can be attached in an email.  The git send-email
method is much preferred though, since it makes it easy to comment and
review by following up to the patch email.  If sending a series of
patches, it's also nice to provide a branch somewhere (one of the git
hosting sites or a personal freedesktop repo, for example) with the
patches applied.  That way I can just say git pull <repo> <branch> and
git will pull that branch into my repo directly.


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