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Sat Oct 30 08:42:04 PDT 2010

Hi , i think its time to someone write a complete article about wayland
Compiling & Running . the exististing article is very old and not usable now


I compiled old versions of wayland years age but it didnt work for me , now
i think it has more fixes and more stable than old versions.

i downloaded latest versions of these package and compiled and installed :

libdrm from /~krh/libdrm
mesa-kms-6  /~krh/mesa
libxkbcommon /~krh/libxkbcommon
cairo-wayland /~krh/cario

mesa with : --with-egl-platforms=kms --disable-gallium --disable-demos
cair with : --enable-gl

i compiled them without errors and installed them , but when i was compling
wayland i got some errors :

compositor-drm.c : in function create_output_for_connector :
EGL_DRM_BUFFER_FORMAT_MESA undeclared first use in this functions



its related to header files , whats the problem ?!
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