compositor-drm & MESA dependencies

Marcus Lorentzon marcus.xm.lorentzon at
Tue Apr 12 11:27:54 PDT 2011

we run Wayland on a platform without a MESA based EGL. But we still want 
to run the DRM compositor and use the same EGL/GLES drivers as for 
QtCompositor (wayland-egl platform with DRM support included). Currently 
this is not possible without hacking the compositor removing the MESA 
based code (get display & create scanout EGLimages). So, do you think it 
would be possible to put the MESA stuff in a separate file with a more 
generic API like attached sample patch? We will then implement the same 
functionality using non-MESA extensions.

Another option is of course to add fake MESA EGL functions in a separate 
file, wrapping our egl stuff until there's a standard DRM<->EGL 
interaction extension.

Or what about extending the wayland-egl platform API with functions to 
handle allocation of scanout buffers, and make use of wayland-egl in drm 


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