Graphics memory management in ARM/Embedded Linux

Tom Cooksey tomcooksey at
Wed Apr 20 05:39:37 PDT 2011

Hi All,

Please excuse the spam... just trying to spread the word: Linaro is
currently developing a graphics memory manager for Linux which allows
buffers to be shared between different devices and different processes. On
ARM SoCs, many different hw devices need to access the same buffer (which
E.g. GEM doesn't support). As a simple example, a GPU needs to write to a
buffer which a display controller reads from. At least in ARM-Linux land,
this is a fairly hot-topic and a dedicated mailing list has been created to
discuss different requirements, figure out if TTM/GEM can be adapted, etc.

The mailing list is here:

There's also a wiki page gathering requirements here:

Hopefully there's people on the Wayland list which this will be interesting
to. Would be cool if a Wayland compositor used the mechanism Linaro comes up
with to share window buffers between different processes!


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