New build requirements related to wayland-egl

Cyril Brulebois kibi at
Wed Feb 9 03:23:58 PST 2011


Darxus at <Darxus at> (07/02/2011):
> Requirements for building wayland changed today as support for the
> wayland egl platform in mesa was added.  You kind of need to build
> both mesa and wayland twice, due to them now depending on each
> other.  It sounds like this will be fixed by splitting the wayland
> repo into two repos, presumably one for libraries, and one
> containing the compositor and client programs.

bootstrapping is always fun. :(

I'm not sure, from your mail, whether the following would work:
 - build & install wayland-libs,
 - build & install mesa against wayland-libs,
 - build & install wayland-clients, without building wayland-libs

If that works, then I guess it's not *that* bad.

If that doesn't work, and if wayland-libs need to be rebuilt against
mesa-built-against-wayland-libs, then back to square 1: bootstrapping
is always fun. :(

[I haven't tried anything yet, I've been busy on the (regular-X,
regular-mesa) packaging side.]

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