Migrating applications to Wayland

José Expósito jose.exposito89 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 06:01:52 PST 2011


I'm the developer of two applications that uses Xlib and Qt.

The fisrt is a "multitouch gesture recognizer", a program that allows
user to make gestures in a trackpad/touchscreen and execute actions
like manage windows, change desktops, etc, etc

And the second is a window manager (https://code.google.com/p/eggwm/)

I see that Wayland will be avaliable for developers in Ubuntu 11.04,
and ofcourse I'm really interested in migrate these applications, but
I have some questions:
1 - Wayland support window management?
2 - Have any library like Xlib to work with it?
3 - Is compatible with uTouch?
4 - Exist any program like Xephyr or Xnest that allow run Wayland in a
dispay (or similar) and test there programs?

Thank you very much!

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