Migrating applications to Wayland

José Expósito jose.exposito89 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 05:04:19 PST 2011

Hi! thanks for the answers... but now I have more questions that at
begining hahaha

> 1 - Wayland support window management?
> Wayland is a compositor+window manager+display server AIO

If Wayland is the window manager, what about projects like Compiz,
Kwin, etc? What about if a like to use a tiling window manager? And
window decoration or desktop effects?

> 2 - Have any library like Xlib to work with it?
> Not in particular, however I believe there exists a demo toolkit. You're
> supposed to use toolkits such as Gtk+ and Qt in order to display things.

Toolkits, for "standard program" are more than enough, but for
programs like a dock? How to get  the windows list, or minimize
windows? The dock will be part of the window system (comopisitor)?
Wayland will offer a dbus interface or similar to implement standarts
like ICCM, NetWM/EWMG or Drag and drop??

> 3 - Is compatible with uTouch?
> No, not yet likely will in the future.  (Maybe later this year).

> 4 - Exist any program like Xephyr or Xnest that allow run Wayland in a
> dispay (or similar) and test there programs?
> Wayland can run on Wayland, X11, DRM, and in the future (now?):
> framebuffers. So you can essentially nest it on anything you want,
> including itself.

Excellent news!

Thank you very much for your answers

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