Migrating applications to Wayland

Marty Jack martyj19 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 26 05:51:52 PST 2011

On 02/26/2011 08:36 AM, José Expósito wrote:
>> You will find Compiz and Openbox people actively participating here, so I would expect your favorite
>> variety of window placement and decoration to appear in due course.
> Excellent, but how about migrating my owns programs? API/Documentation
> for libraries or methods to do that?
>> Many of your questions might possibly be answered by a thorough reading of the mailing list and other documentation.
>> A good fraction of this has been discussed over at least once.
> Ok, I'll check the maling list ;)
> Thanks!

It is much too early in the project lifetime to be actively thinking about migrating anything to Wayland.  The pieces are not there yet.

Speaking of which could someone remind me where the GTK and Qt Wayland backend repos are and maybe a status of where they stand.  It might be interesting to experiment with that uncharted frontier.

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