Xft and XCursor

Alexey Zinovyev alzinovyev at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 03:55:31 PDT 2011

On 17.06.2011 14:44, Lukas Sommer wrote:
>> GTK/Qt don't use XFT at all.
> That's interesting. I didn't know this. However, at least the KDE font
> settings module changes the Xft.dpi value. Maybe fontconfig makes use of
> this one? So maybe this should be switched to use directly fontconfig?
> Lukas Sommer
It's documented behavior.
says that fontconfig defaults to Xft.dpi but has it's own DPI setting in
fonts.conf (and it works for all GTK/Qt software).
Qt doesn't depend on Xft (at least in my distro). GTK+ does, but only
for deprecated pango-xft backend.
Xft is still needed in other toolkits (like Tk) and in some pure Xlib
software (dzen2, xterm, rxvt).

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