Recursive call of wl_display_iterate via frame callback

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while playing around with wayland and the simple-client demo (using EGL) i ran into issues where simple-client were caught in an endless loop in wl_display_iterate. The issue seems to be a recursive call of wl_display_iterate.

The simple-client registers redraw() as a callback function to key event. This function gets called during wl_display_iterate when corresponding key event arrives. The redraw function itself calls eglSwapBuffers. Since eglSwapBuffers() might need to synchronize with the compositor, it might also call wl_display_iterate.
   -> handle_event
      -> wl_closure_invoke
         -> display_handle_key
            -> redraw
               -> eglSwapBuffers
                  -> wl_display_iterate

As long as the key event is the last message in input buffer the while loop in the former call to wl_display_iterate will terminate. But if another message is pending this message will be processed by the latter call to wl_display_iterate and the local variable len in former call to wl_display_iterate won't decrement to zero.

Is this a bug, or did i miss something?
What should be the correct usage of wl_display_frame_callback() and wl_display_iterate()?

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