Compositor/Window Manager for Multitouch

Kai Mast kai.mast at
Mon Jun 27 14:49:20 PDT 2011

On 24.06.2011 15:16, Kai Wohlfahrt wrote:
> I have set myself a rather ambitious project to start this summer, and 
> would like to ask some questions before I get started.
> The aim is to write a compositor/window manager that will work well 
> with multitouch input (a friend of mine is taking care of the hardware 
> setup, the plan is optical recognition of touch points). I very much 
> like the approach Wayland is taking, so I'd like your input on whether 
> it would be possible to build this on Wayland.
I don't really understand what you're trying to achieve...

Current distros already support multitouch through frameworks like 
utouch. Maybe just write a compiz-plugin that maps multitouch gestures 
to actions like "minimize" or "close"?

also Kai ;)

P.S: Is anyone else missing the Reply-To element in Mails form this list?

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