Compositor/Window Manager for Multitouch

Kai Wohlfahrt kai.scorpio at
Tue Jun 28 07:55:11 PDT 2011

I hadn't actually seen uTouch before, looks interesting. However I think the
difference is that (for now) it seems to be an adaption to use some
multitouch features on a standard gnome/unity/whatever desktop.

What I'm thinking about is a different UI designed around multitouch,
something like this: perhaps
(I don't like their approach, but you get the idea...). Features from might be interesting as well.

At the moment, I think it may be more worthwhile to write something new for
Wayland, and avoid dealing with the headaches of placing this on top of
something that wasn't designed with this type of interaction in mind. If you
think this a compiz plugin would be a workable solution, I'll have another
look at that approach, it'd probably be easier to implement.

Any news on my original questions? And another one: are the most up to date
docs available on wayland the ones found in the git repository?

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